Uniting modern pedagogical and technological expertise

“We want to enable high quality learning regardless of time and place worldwide.”





We set our company’s and empolyees’ goals high and reach for them everyday. We believe that willingness to learn new skills and evolve yourself is more valuable characteristic than the knowledge that you already have.


Community can be seen in our daily meetings as well as in our company’s leisure activities. We operate together with our stakeholders and customers and involve them, for example in product development process.

Lifelong learning

The world today is rapidly changing and we have to keep up with it. We appreciate everyone’s willingness to evolve and educate themselves. Also our products and services are based on this ideology.


Our company culture is based on flexibility and all the unnecessary restrictions and rules are cut down. We believe that pointless rigidity reduces creativity. We can easily respond to changes of markets and environment thanks to our casual and open company structure.



An intelligent learning environment that offers the most inspiring learning experience with easy-to-use features and playful look! YipTree makes sure that all students are always motivated. YipTree’s artificial intelligence analyses pupils’ learning in order to recommend learning materials suitable for each pupil’s individual needs. The pupil’s own virtual tutor ensures that the student progresses in his studies and never gets helpless even in problematic situations.


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